PBS News Hour: “Perception Gap”

If you didn’t see the May 1st News Hour segment featuring LaGuardia Community College, you should!

Gail Mellow, president of the community college says:

“There’s such an enormous gap between who goes to college in the United States and our very old and stereotyped image. More than half of all American college students, undergraduates, go to community colleges.

More than half of those can’t go full-time. About a quarter of our students are working more than 30 hours a week to make ends meet. More than half of them are living at home with parents. So, the idea of college as being this time away, right after high school, it’s not true.”

This segment illustrates the challenges that New Majority students face, but also highlights the great things that can be accomplished when their needs are consciously met by an institution.

Here’s the link:




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